Chakra Clearing Reiki Session - 30 minute

Chakra Clearing Reiki Session - 30 minute

  • $45.00

Chakra Clearing Reiki Session - 30 Minute



 This is a thirty minute healing session with Becca.

 Appointments typically take place at Balance Wellness Boutique.

 Your appointment is not secure until payment is received.


 Dress comfortably for the session. You will be relaxing on a massage table, fully clothed. The purpose of these sessions is to recalibrate the chakras.. working intuitively with the energetic field to remove any energies that are not serving you and to refuel them with pure, positive, abundant energy.

 Some people bring an intent to the session or discuss a block that they would like to have removed. Neither of these are required.

 Occasionally, Becca uses things like crystals, pendulums, sage, singing bowls, music and essential oils during these sessions. There will be a consultation at the beginning of your session to talk about the uses of these items and whether or not you'd prefer them to not be used.

 If you have any further questions, please e-mail

 * There is a built-in $30 non-refundable deposit in the cost of this session. If you cancel your appointment less than 48 hours in advance, you will be entitled to a $15 refund or store credit. Because of the nature of this session, a full refund is not available. *



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