Ho'oponopono Pouch

  • $22.00

I love you.

Rose Quartz: the heart and love stone. known to have been used for centuries to cultivate love and expand the heart chakra. let the love in.

I'm sorry.

Blue Chalcedony: this beautiful baby blue works wonders for the throat chakra and has a serene sense of peace and calm, like the ocean. this stones helps us to surrender in apology for anything we may have done to manifest our current circumstance. it assists us in releasing negative energies and emotions.

Please forgive me.

Brazilian Clear Quartz Point: clear quartz is known as a master healer and is also an amplifier. use this point alone or in conjunction with your rose quartz and blue chalcedony to heighten and enlighten. 

Thank you.

Malachite: unlock parts of the heart and soul that are blocked from empathizing with what is around you. expand your appreciation.